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Descended into madness.
One with the void.
Now Speak.…


Extatum et Oratum by Lerdavian

Race: Demonic Werewolf 
          (Lupus Occultus)


(when Shifted)
Height: 4.3 ft

140 lbs

Hair: Intensely Black with some streaks of grey.

Appearance: Spiky hair. Muscular. Orange wild eyes
Length:6 ft

Gender: Agender/male

Height: 5 '11 ft

Weight: 220 lb

Gender: Agender/male.

: Near black. Medium cut. FLoofy. Curly.

CLothes: Calf Boots - Brown. Dark greenish tan pants. Brown leather belt. Faded green tunic with sleeves that end at forearms. 
             Dark faded green overcoat. 

Appearance: Tan Brown skin. Thick angular eyebrows. Orange wild eyes.


Personality: Loner. Stoic. Reserved until enraged. Dedicated fighter. 1000 yard stare

Story: Sold Soul to save family. They were in turn cursed to be a werewolf.
Stays in wolf form as full moon is not it's trigger. Has become an unwiling dark agent who specializes in fighting holy things. If iobject is too strong he goes into berserker mode and attacks wildly even if it means his own destruction. He is being manipulated by darker forces against his will.


Weaknesses: Magical power. Not impervious to weather/climate. Weakness towards holy things. Water. Silver. etc
Abilities: Shadow walk - Can manipulate shadows to make themselves appear larger or conceal them.
               Fear Aura - Weaker creatures avoid  them,their stare can cause paralyses.
             Strong holy presences or items will cause them to lose control (eyes dilate) and attempt to destroy whatever it is.
              Can absorb magical/holy power to a lesser degree.
              Poison Bite: Being bitten  may resut in a curse or necrosis of the affected area.
                   (curses are lifted by holy blessings or curse breaking. Necrosis is healed by holy water or a blessing)

ALignment: Chaotic Neutral
Vampire guy by Lerdavian
Vampire guy
Made with DeviantArt muro

A sketch that I'm turning into an rp character.

Name: Dantalian Purplehair (doesnt remember his lineage)

Race: Vampire Ghost. 

Story: Was a vampire, was killed by beheading, quartering and parts were dumped in a river.
           Is now a ghost.

Height: 5'11

Age: 311

Clothes: Fancy victorian. 

Appearance: Hair is long and floofy.
His skin is pale and he is slightly transparent/has ethereal glow from being a ghost. 
His head floats a few inches away from where his neck should be and when he gets surprised he has to keep it from floating away.
His arms can separate from him as well as his legs.
He stands very upright.
 His clothing has a slightly wet appearance. Occasionally has twigs or leaves materialize in his hair. Or dirt on his clothing.

Hair:Dark Purple

Eyes: White Violet/lavender

Personality: Remembers being human. Remembers being a vampire.  Still looks down on mortals. Spends a lot of time trying to keep his head in place. Likes doing tricks or pranks with his separable body parts...just in  general.
Kokkuri San! by Lerdavian
Kokkuri San!
from the anime  I hd great expectations from but wa let down by: Gugure! Kokkuri-San
If there's anything specific you'd like to ask concerning a commission please ask!
If you have an RP character or OC you use for RP I highly suggest getting a concept map!
 Provide me as much information as possible for best results. (More detailed pieces will cost more.) 
I can also do a non colored sketch version to help with price but I suggest color.
I can also do a black and white shaded version if you don't want color. 
All will be high quality digital files. 
All of the images below have been stuff I've done for free and for practice, commissions will be cleaner and neater.
If you have questions about what I will and will not do ask.

Character/OC concept / details map : 50-60$
Ninchi by Lerdavian No.. by Lerdavian

Simple/Painted Character/OC concept: 50$
Chop Chop by Lerdavian

Simple FLAT Character/OC concept : 20$-30$
Kuri Nagamine by Lerdavian

Character painted bust : 30$

  Mcpfanart by Lerdavian  
Pretty by Lerdavian   Walking Dead  Ben by Lerdavian
  Blizzard Cat by Lerdavian  Ark Sketchy Sketch by Lerdavian

Large Character/OC: 30+$

Minty by Lerdavian Slenderman and Feardarwoman by Lerdavian

Sketch: 15$ Color 20$ 
JEFF by Lerdavian

Smexy/Slenderman sketch and color: 30$ +
  Oh is it now by Lerdavian  8D part 3 by Lerdavian

Ask about my pasta monster discount.
  • Listening to: Creepypastas in german
  • Watching: The void staring back at me.
  • Eating: bbq chips
  • Drinking: vodka and sprite

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